UCP featured teen celebrates ‘Elliot Day’

LADYSMITH, Wis. (WEAU) -- The 34th annual Star Fest Telethon benefiting families served by the United Cerebral Palsy of West Central Wisconsin is upon us.
But Friday marked a special day for this year's UCP featured teen.

"I'm a happy go-lucky person,” described him Elliot Ewer.

Since birth, Ewer has struggled with Cerebral Palsy requiring the use of a wheelchair.

"I've always been in a wheelchair and I plan to be in one the rest of my life," said the 14-year-old.

But his disability doesn't restrict his positive attitude or smile.

"I just love him so much that he just amazes me; with his disabilities and just keeps on going and he doesn't look at it as a disability, he‘s just amazing," said Elliot’s grandmother Joan Ewer.

His spotlight is continuing to shine since he was asked to represent the UCP Telethon.

"When I was told, I was shocked; I couldn't even speak," remembered Elliot.

"You know, Elliot has so much potential that I knew he was going to do something, go somewhere and this is just a first step for him,” said Elliot’s mom Amanda Novak. “There's many more amazing moments coming for him.”

After walking these hallways you can't help noticing Elliot as a celebrity.

"Anytime anyone asks for my autograph, I stamp it for them," explained Elliot.

Especially after Friday was marked 'Elliot’s Day’ celebrating his accomplishment and the $900 dollars was raised in his honor.

"We wanted to set steps for the kids and OK if you raise this amount of money we'll do this for you,” said, Ladysmith 6th grade teacher, Chase Gudis.

Since they exceeded $500 teachers were duct taped to the wall, and Gudis had his head shaved.

"I've been kind of rubbing my hair…definitely feels different than longer hair,” he said.

This aspiring radio broadcaster isn't shy to share his love for WAXX or WEAU.

“I wish I had some cupcakes baked by Monica Ott right now,” smiled Elliot.

He wishes to bring awareness to the community.

"We would take Elliot to ballgames and loved to watch Riley play basketball and Riley said you know what mom, this is Elliot’s winning touchdown; this is his free throw show at the buzzer at the line,” said Lynn Closs, Paraprofessional with the Special Education department.

To catch more of Elliot and this year's Star Fest telethon, be sure to tune into WEAU from Noon until 6pm Saturday. We'll be broadcasting live from the L.E. Philips Senior Center in Eau Claire and at the Brackett Bar & Grill for SnowBiz 2014.