UW school thinking about banning alcohol on campus

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LA CROSSE (WEAU) - One year after a student drowned in a river after a night of drinking the University of Stevens Point is considering banning alcohol consumption in the dorms, even for students of legal drinking age.

We talked with UW- La Crosse Chancellor Joe Gow, his university has the same problem with kids drinking and drowning in the nearby river. He says that he would never consider a school wide ban as a solution.

"I'm not sure if banning alcohol entirely would prevent tragedies like the one in Stevens Point or the ones that happen here in La Crosse," said Gow.

Many students on the UW-L campus agreed with Gow.

"I didn't really think it was a problem in the dorms," said UW-L Senior Danna Jessie.

"I would cut down I guess, but kids would still bring stuff in no matter what," said UW-L Freshman Brady Turner.

La Crosse has seen it’s fair share of alcohol related drownings.

“There have been 10 over the past years. All were males ages 25-30," said Gow.

Gow pointed out that the ages of the drownings in La Crosse all happened over the legal age.

"The problem isn't with underage drinking, it's over-consumption. That's what we need to work on bringing down," said Gow.

Like UW-SP, students at UW-L have to go through alcohol education as freshman, and have to attend extra classes if they get a drinking offense.

"The first few days the Resident Advisers and the upper class-men told us the awareness of alcohol, the situations, and all of the penalties," said Freshman Matthew Traber.

Other options UW-SP is considering are levying fines, hosting additional classes, and launching a marketing campaign.

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