NEW INFORMATION: Investigators say bones found along Eau Claire River are human

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EAU CLAIRE COUNTY, Wis. (WEAU) - A family connected to a 12-year-old missing persons case, may soon get closure.

Investigators have confirmed that bones found Saturday by kayakers near Big Falls in Eau Claire County are human pelvis and back bones.

Shane Lindseth said he's lived near the Eau Claire River his entire life, but came across something Saturday, he'd never seen before.

“Me and some friends were kayaking down from big falls down to my house and happened upon what appeared to be human bones,” Lindseth said.

“Just as I was going along, I seen a bone on the shore and it kinda peaked my attention, it didn't look like any other kind of animal I’ve found over the years.”

He said he called the Eau Claire County Sheriff's Office to report what he found. After sending pictures and the remains to an anthropologist and medical examiner in Dane County, officers confirmed Wednesday that they are human pelvis and back bones.

“It feels good to know that I wasn't a crazy kayaker that called in something that wasn't real,” Lindseth said.

The sheriff’s department said the family of a missing drowning victim from 2001was notified about the discovery. It didn’t reveal any names.

Eau Claire forensics doctor Peter Ihle said the pelvis may be one of the best bones to identify someone.

“Deep in, they might be able to find some bone cell, even though it's dead that they can take and get at and get some D.N.A. and find out if it's male or female and try to compare that with somebody how was reported missing,” Ihle said.

He said if the pelvis has D.N.A. in it, it could determine the person's height, sex and ethnicity.

“If there's D.N.A. connection with the family, with the missing person, I'd expect these remains would belong to them. And if it's not, then there's someone else missing also,” Ihle said.


EAU CLAIRE COUNTY, Wis. (WEAU) - Kayakers said they found a bone that may be human along the Eau Claire River Saturday.

Kayaker Shane Lindseth said he and friends were paddling south of Big Falls when they saw what appeared to be part of a human pelvic bone with a piece of clothing on it Saturday morning.

Eau Claire County Sheriff Ron Cramer said the department cannot yet confirm whether the bone was human. He said the sheriff's department will be in contact with medical examiners this week to try to make that determination, and if it is human, to identify the individual.

He said if DNA can't be found, identifying the bone will be much more difficult.

Cramer said it's too early to link the bone to any missing person case.

He said people have reported finding human remains in the past that turned out to be deer carcasses.