Van de Loo surrenders medical license; remaining criminal charges dropped

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- Several months after 14 of his charges were dropped. An Eau Claire doctor, accused of sexually assaulting his patients, is back in the spotlight.

Tuesday afternoon, 61-year old Dr. David Van de Loo agreed to give up his medical license in exchange for the dismissal of the two remaining sexual assault charges he faced.

Tuesday's decision brings a close to the case that's been in the spotlight since fall of 2012 when sexual assault allegations against Dr. David Van de Loo first surfaced.

“Given the cost of having to fight the civil cases and given the cost of another proceeding before the medical board it didn't make sense for Dr. Van de Loo to go forward so we agreed to surrender his license,” Defense Attorney Rich White said.

White says ultimately Van de Loo decided it was in his best interest to move forward with a deal to surrender his medical license in exchange for the two other charges to be dropped by the state.

“The big picture here is Dr. Van de Loo has been fully vindicated of all of the bad that was said about him during the course of this case,” White added.

For Eau Claire County District Attorney Gary King, the decision to reach this deal wasn't taken lightly.

“Obviously there is no criminal conviction involved. At the same time, I am assured that the individuals that came forward can feel good about the information they came forward with. They should understand that because of their disclosures the defendant will never practice medicine,” King said.

King says despite the final outcome, the trial has made an impact in the Eau Claire community.

“Mayo Clinic Health System as a result of this case made changes to their policy and procedure and I think it's a direct result of this case,” King said.

While Tuesday’s decision means the initial case against Dr. David Van de Loo is finished. Court records show that van de loo is listed as a defendant in several ongoing civil lawsuits filed by patients.

A former doctor from Eau Claire agreed to surrender his medical license for the dismissal of two remaining sexual assault charges he faced.

Eau Claire County District Attorney Gary King said the two sides reached the deal during a court hearing for David Van de Loo, 61, on Tuesday. King said that there had been several discussions during the trial, and the agreement was "the byproduct" of those talks. King said Van de Loo gave up his license to the State of Wisconsin Medical Examining Board.

In February, a jury acquitted Van de Loo on 14 counts of sexual assault involving 15 of his male patients. The judge declared a mistrial on the other two charges. Prosecutors filed the charges after the teenagers said Van de Loo touched them inappropriately during sports physical exams. Van de Loo practiced pediatrics and sports medicine for Mayo Clinic Health System-Eau Claire. He was fired in September 2012.

Court records show that Van de Loo is listed in a defendant in several civil lawsuits. You'll hear reaction from the prosecutor in the case and Van de Loo's lawyer tonight on WEAU 13 News.