Voter turnout in Eau Claire better than expected

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Eau Claire, Wi. -- Voter turnout in Eau Claire for the spring elections was better than expected.

Eau Claire City Clerk Donna Austad says 35.9% of registered voters cast their ballots on April 1st.

That is 14,145 voters, based on the number of registered voters, 39,454.

Austad says that while this election doesn't draw the same numbers as a November election, the decisions being made by voters have a direct local impact.

"April elections are local elections. You're electing judges, council or town board, school board... those are the ones that have the impact on your daily life. They impact your property taxes. The decisions that are made by those boards, committees and groups will impact your daily life", Austad says.

Austad says voter turnout during spring elections in Eau Claire is typically 12-15%.

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