WI ranks 2nd in nation for doctor wait time

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LA CROSSE, Wis. (WEAU) -- People in Wisconsin are spending less time waiting to see a doctor.

A report from Vitals.com shows Wisconsin has the second shortest average wait time in nation at 16 minutes and 29 seconds.

Alaska has the shortest average wait time at 16 minutes and 28 seconds.

Minnesota is third with 17 minutes and 8 seconds.

Mississippi had the longest wait time with 24 minutes and 25 seconds.

However, Wisconsin actually dropped from number one last year.

The average weight time is more than a minute slower than last year’s which was 15 minutes and 26 seconds.

When it comes to waiting to see a doctor, some people we talked to say it’s no problem.

“It’s not bad at all. I don’t have trouble getting in to see a doctor at all, at least my doctor I don’t have any problem with,” said Gary Buchner

“We know that no one likes to wait,” said Gundersen Lutheran Director of Service Excellence Gale Kreibich.

Kreibich said wait time is something Gundersen Lutheran takes seriously, and a shorter wait means a better experience for patients.

“Patients have told us that they’re now seeing their provider at Gundersen in less than 15 minutes and 90% of our patients are telling us that,” said Kreibich.

Although Wisconsin’s average weight time has increased by more than a minute, some people we talked to said that doesn’t bother them.

“What’s one minute in the grand scheme of things? You can look at your Smart Phone for one minute and not even realize it,” said Jay Morris.

“Overall you can’t complain on it, doctors do their best and we get in pretty good,” said Sandy Meyers.

Kreibich said the secret to a shorter wait time is staff education.

He also said just because Wisconsin now has a number two ranking, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing.

“So that we’ve dropped one place in the nation as a state, I’m not so concerned about, but what I like overall is that we’re all concerned about wait times for our patients and that’s a good thing, no matter what state you’re in,” said Kreibich.

Gundersen Lutheran said patients can look on their Web site to see the wait time at urgent care and the ER room, so they know how long it will be before they come in.