We have the "dirt" on the UW-La Crosse Vermicomposting System

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LA CROSSE (WEAU)- A University that was one of the first to use a vermicomposting system a year ago now has turned 9 tons of food waste into high value soil.

Megan Bain from UW-La Crosse helped bring food from the kitchens to the
vermicomposting site last year...

"It was really neat to see it and how it worked," said Bain.

She and other students at UW-La Crosse are excited to go sustainable.

"I think it's cool because it is global issues and bringing it to the community level trying to make our community better,” said Bain.

It all works through the power of worms, the red wiggler worm to be exact.

"They, along with microbes break the food waste down and form it
into worm castings which are the final product,” said Dr. Ryan Perroy, Assistant Professor of Geography and Earth Science at UW-L.

Each week about 500 pounds of food is brought in to feed these
little guys and their diet consists of vegetables fruits and coffee.
"It's an effort to close the loop with food waste which generally goes
to the land fill," said Perroy.

The compost site is off campus for now, but it will be moved to Western Technical College in the near future.

"As part of the referendum that just passed a new horticulture center
built on campus and the system will be moved there."

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