Weather Alert Days: A new effort by SkyWarn 13

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Living here in Western Wisconsin, we see everything when it comes to weather, and sometimes the weather can get violent and pose a risk to you and your family. The SkyWarn 13 weather team is re-dedicating our efforts and incorporating our new technology to keep you prepared for when the weather really gets out of control.

On those days we'll declare a "Weather Alert Day."

"If it's a weather alert day our viewers should know there is some type of significant weather that could have a major impact on their day to day life," explained Chief Meteorologist Darren Maier.

"It's not just going to be a common day. It's going to be hindrance on the rest of your day and how you go about it. So we want you to be ready for that, and so you know how to prepare yourself for this weather that potentially that could be life threatening," says Meteorologist Andrew McCawley.

For a weather alert day this icon will appear on your screen as well as messages from our weather team explaining the alert.

"We'll be cutting into programming letting you know how the situation is developing, if things are getting worse, if they're getting better. Then also during the newscasts you'll see special red banners on all of our graphics letting you know we are on an alert that day," explains McCawley.

We'll also have frequent updates on SkyWarn 24/7 weather along with expanded coverage on, Facebook and Twitter.

"We'd like to be able to give our viewers all different types of platforms to be able to get this weather information since everybody is kind of on the go all the time," says Maier.

This will be possible by having the largest weather team in the area along with our new graphics and radar system.

"We also have the ability to go inside the storm and show where the most dangerous aspects are and how those might be impacting you and your particular location," says Maier.

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