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Tuesday’s primary election results set the November 4th ballots, just as general election campaigns being on Wednesday.

The obvious big race to watch for is the governor’s race. It's a referendum on Governor Scott Walker. He's facing democrat Mary Burke who won Tuesday’s primary by a landslide. The latest Marquette poll shows it’s going to be a close one. 93 percent of the people already have their minds made up. 47 percent want Walker and 46 percent want Burke. WEAU political analyst John Frank says that means the race for governor may be in the hands the seven percent of undecided voters

Burke made history on the night of the primaries. She's the first woman in Wisconsin to win the democratic ticket for governor. As for Gov. Walker, he is no stranger to elections. He was elected in 2010 and in 2012 he became the first governor in the country’s history to survive a recall election.

“Voters will play a role by asking questions. Bottom line is, this is an off-election. It's what we call midterm election. In a midterm election, it’s all about name-recognition,” said Frank.

He said over the next three months, we’ll see campaign advertisements, door-to-door campaigning, debates and blogs written by each party’s candidate.

Frank said voter interest will likely be down since the November 4th election isn't presidential. Typically, he said Wisconsin would see 65-75 percent voter turnout.

“Yes, you've got a gubernatorial race out there. So it’s all going to be about organization,” said Frank. “How can the people get involved in that; By asking questions, showing interest in this, attending the debates that are held, going online to the websites. People can control the general tenor of this particular election.”

Another big race includes two district attorneys from southeastern Wisconsin vying for the open attorney general seat. Jefferson County’s Susan Happ (D) will face Waukesha County’s Brad Schimel (R).

“It's going to be difficult to predict because outside of their two counties and outside of southeastern wisconsin, nobody knows who they are and so it's whoever is going to do the best job of organizing that's going to win that particular election,” said Frank.

Locally, we have three assembly races including the 75th assembly district in the Rice Lake, Turtle Lake and Shell Lake areas. Steve Smith who is a first time incumbent had a very narrow margin last time at 51 percent. His opponent Romaine Quinn is a well-known young republican activist in the Rice Lake area, said Frank.

In the 68th assembly district, Kathy Bernier is being challenged by Jeff Peck, a farmer who has a well-known name in Chippewa County.

In the 93rd assembly district, two candidates are facing off for the third time, Warren Petryk and Jeff Smith.

“The previous two elections have been won by Warren Petryk but by no more than 51 percent of the vote and so Jeff Smith, the former assemblyman, is challenging him again and so that's going to be an interesting race,” said Frank.

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