When temperatures rise it's important to stay safe while keeping cool

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Today's sunny skies drew people outside to enjoy the summer weather, but with temperatures rising near 90, heat index values make it seem much warmer. WEAU's Drew Williams is live with tips on how people can have fun in the sun but still stay safe. Drew?

Thanks Nikki and Judy, yes it is hot out here today, but the dangers go beyond sunburns. If caution isn't taken, heat like this can be deadly. Today in Eau Claire taking to the water seemed to be the most popular way to beat the heat. Several people were out floating the river or going to the pool, but too much exposure to the Sun can lead to heat stroke. It's important to know the symptoms, headache, dizziness, red or hot skin and muscle cramps if you experience any of these you need to seek medical attention immediately.

Today's warmer temperatures didn't stop several people from getting out on this beautiful summer day. Plus some say they'll take the heat over cold any day.

Alexis Kruger says, "Running errands in my air conditioned car, and then floating on this beautiful day."

Freesia Krogstad, "I guess i prefer the heat because you get tanner... In all honesty."

The best way to stay safe from heat related illness is prevention. Find shade when you can it can feel as much as 10 degrees cooler there. Never leave pets or children in cars. Also stay hydrated drink plenty of water, even if you aren't thirsty. And wear sunscreen. Be sure to re-apply it if you are in the water. Now coming up at six we'll here from a gentleman who says this isn't all that hot and he's used to much warmer temperatures than this. Live in Eau Claire, Drew Williams, WEAU 13 news.

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