Winter Schools retires Native American logo amid controversy

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WINTER, Wisc. (WEAU) - After much debate, a western Wisconsin school district will change its Native American logo that's been used for decades.

District Administrator Penny Boileau said the winter school district has been using a Native American logo for decades.

But a law passed in 2009, allows complaints to lead to changes, and caused districts to consider making the change proactively.

“We've weeded ourselves off of using the native am. Logo and have been using a w as a placeholder, because we didn't want to get into a financial burden where we're forced to change and have all this expense,” Boileau said.

“In Apr. our school board decided it was time that we needed to change and find a new mascot for our warrior. We wanted to keep the warrior, but to have it more represent the warrior of service to our country.”

“If we're offending our students, neighbors, friends, it's not appropriate, it's time to change,” she said.

Removing the old logo meant creating a new one, which for some, hasn't been a smooth transition.

With 326 people voting at the school last week, some said it wasn't done fairly.

“We're open for a vote, we just want to have our school involved in the community a little more,” Winter schools alumnus Brent Reese said.

The logo chosen features an eagle with a feather to continue a Native American theme.

“If that wins, that's fine, I just want due process. I just want everyone to have input and we can go forward,” Reese said.

“It's a step forward where we can start to heal and grow with that collaboration and it can really be a bright future for us,” Boileau said.

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