Wis. GOP intros bill to fund gunshot sensors

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MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- Wisconsin Republicans have introduced a bill that would help fund more gunshot sensors in Milwaukee -- six months after eliminating all state funding to expand the program.

The Milwaukee Police Department's ShotSpotter sensors transmit the sound of shots to the department, enabling police to respond to shootings quickly. The program currently covers about 3 square miles.

The state budget Republicans approved in June eliminated $445,400 in grants police wanted to use to expand ShotSpotter coverage.

On Thursday Assembly Speaker Robin Vos announced a bill that would funnel $175,000 to the program. Police Chief Ed Flynn says the state money coupled with county dollars will allow the department to expand ShotSpotter to 10 square miles.

Vos says Republicans understand the program better now than they did during budget deliberations.

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