Wis. woman asks school to review bullying policy

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WOODVILLE, Wis. (AP) -- A mother is asking officials at Baldwin-Woodville High School to review their bullying policies after her 15-year-old foster daughter received a small noose from a classmate.

The Woodville woman tells the St. Paul Pioneer Press the African-American girl has dealt with bullying since "day one" at the western Wisconsin school.

It culminated Dec. 20 when a ninth-grade boy gave the girl a hemp noose in art class.

The woman says her foster daughter has "shut down" and was afraid to return to school Wednesday.

Principal Eric Russell says he has been looking into whether there is a wider bullying problem at the school but says so far, he hasn't seen one.

The boy who gave the girl the noose was suspended. The principal would not comment on the suspension.