Wisconsin Arts Board members visit Eau Claire

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Members of the Wisconsin Arts Board made a stop in Eau Claire this afternoon to talk about the importance of arts in the community.

The Wisconsin Arts Board travels the state talking to communities about all things art.

It says public input helps guide the agencies plan for the next several years.
And for many in the area, the confluence was a main focus of the meeting.

Members say Eau Claire's arts community is leading the way in the state.

George Tzougros, an Arts Board member says, "I think what's really amazing about the arts and culture here in Eau Claire, is that you have the traditional arts, the things that we all think about, music, theatre and dance. And then you have all the creative expressions from the community. And that's sort of leading the way across the state."

He says the group is constantly traveling the state, getting different ideas from communities, and says ideas like the Confluence Project are what keeps the art community going.