Wisconsin Congressional Delegation reacts to State of the Union Address

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(WEAU)--President Obama made his priorities for his second term clear Tuesday night; pushing for more manufacturing jobs, more education and gun control. Wisconsin Democrats are applauding his boldness, while Republicans say his plan is simply more of the same.

"I want to make sure the ‘American Dream’ is alive and well, where people have equal opportunity to climb up the ladder,” said Rep. Sean Duffy

But how to do that is the dividing line.

“He wants to raise taxes, he wants to spend more money, grow government and is promoting more regulation and I don’t think that especially in our part of the country that will create more jobs,” said Duffy.

During the State of the Union, the president called on Congress to agree on a balanced that cuts the deficit, without crippling the middle class.

Senator Tammy Baldwin applauded the president.

"Obama made clear the path we must take to build broad based economic growth and reduce our deficit without short changing our future. I applaud President Obama for renewing our commitment to creating a ‘Made in America’ economy by investing in job training and job readiness for advanced manufacturing," said Baldwin.

"The fact that the median household income declined by more than $4,500 during President Obama’s first term is grim evidence of the failure of his policy,” said Senator Ron Johnson.

Congressman Ron Kind’s has a different view of Obama’s policy.

"I couldn’t agree with the president more, we need a smarter government that maintains support for education, worker training, manufacturing and infrastructure so that we can ensure our economy is built to last and can compete in a global economy. But we have to do so in a way that’s fiscally responsible. And that means eliminating wasteful spending and finding ways to raise revenue at the same time,” said Kind.