Wisconsin DNR says they are working on clearing up roadkill

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Drive along almost any highway in Wisconsin and you might see a deer carcass, or roadkill off to the side of the road.

Jim Dean says, "Yeah me and my wife we drive back and forth between here and Minneapolis an awful lot because we have grand kids up there. We see so many more than we seemed to recall in past years. It seems to be out of hand and I'm not really
sure why, or what's causing it."

Some drivers we talked to said they do have some concern for safety when various animals feed off of the carcasses.

Jim Dean says, "Birds especially, I mean there are flocks of birds very often. They come along and they're going to disrupt traffic and
potentially cause an accident."

The Wisconsin D-N-R is responsible for maintaining and clearing the deceased deer from the roadways. A spokesperson for the D-N-R told us today that they contract the work out to a secondary company that removes the roadkill.

He says a new company took over the contract recently and a slight lag in service is expected while the new company begins to tackle the clean up job.

In the meantime, remember to always be mindful of deer crossing the road when driving.

"Have you ever hit a deer?"
Roger Grawe says, "Yeah I've got about seven to my name."

The new company took over the clean up effort on August 1st.

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