Wisconsin Dems want universal background checks

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis-- Democratic lawmakers in Wisconsin are pushing to stricter background check laws for gun purchases

Yesterday legislatures showcased 16,500 petition signatures from people across Wisconsin saying they support universal background checks current law only requires gun stores to perform background checks when some buys a gun.
A senate bill introduced would change that also requiring online sites and gun shows to do background checks.
The bill has not had a hearing yet.

“I represent part of part of the central city of Milwaukee. We have a fight daily and deal with violent crime and what we know from our police chief is that often the individuals who are committing violent crimes, especially with guns shouldn't have guns," said Representative Evan Goyke (D).

Republican Representative Tom Larson says he is not opposed to a hearing on the bill. But he doesn't suspect it will happen this session.


MADISON, Wis. (AP) --Democratic lawmakers are calling on Republicans to act on a bill requiring universal background checks for all gun sales in Wisconsin.

Current law requires only background checks for gun buyers from federally licensed dealers. The bill would require background checks would apply to all sales, including gun sales made online and at gun shows.

Democratic Sen. Nikiya Harris, of Milwaukee, said Thursday that an 18 percent increase in Milwaukee's homicide rate is one reason to close what she called loopholes in the public safety system. Harris says without universal background checks the state's current laws preventing felons from possessing guns are meaningless.

Legislators stood behind boxes of 16,500 signatures from Wisconsin residents who support universal background checks. Republicans have not scheduled the bill for a hearing.

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