Wisconsin State Patrol welcomes 30 new troopers

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"I have three brothers who are military and my father is a federal marshal so they all influenced me to pursue this field of work," said Tatsuo Anduze-Bell, a Wisconsin State Patrol Trooper.

He just started his three months of training at the Wisconsin State Patrol Eau Claire post.

He will be side-by-side with another trooper, getting that hands-on experience before hitting the road by himself.

"Very excited, very nervous at the same time," he said.

The road to get here was not easy. It started a year ago when he submitted his application to the state patrol.

"And the time between the application, the written test, psych evaluation, the written psych and backgrounds, it took almost about seven months between the application date and the time we started at the academy," he said.

He spent six months at the academy with other troopers preparing for the job.

"A lot of order, a lot of structure, a lot of physical activity at the same time a lot of studying and paying attention to detail," he said of the academy.

He graduated with 29 others who are now out on the job as well. Six troopers will be stationed in the Northwest Region. Lt. Jeff Lorentz says the region has been understaffed and more troopers are welcome.

"We haven't had the class in 2 years; for us to get a class here it's really a neat time for us," he said.

He says everyone has been excited to get to work and get their cruiser.

"We could hand them 10 year old cruisers and they're vacuuming, polishing, setting them up for all the equipment they will be using out there, it's kind of a very important thing," Lt. Lorentz said.

And as Lt. Lorentz prepares to retire in the next couple weeks, he looks at new hires like Tatsuo Anduze-Bell and says the highways are in good hands.

"And I know they are going to do some great things and I have great confidence in the people that are coming on board," he added.

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