Wisconsin violent crime database released

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LA CROSSE (WEAU)- A database of Wisconsin’s 2011 Violent Crimes has been released to public.

The database uses FBI reports gathered from nearly every law enforcement agency in the country.

Not only does the database show each cities specific violent crime rate per 1-thousand people, it show the details of how many murders, robbery’s, rapes, and aggravated assaults were reported in the year 2011.

Click Here for the Wisconsin Violent Crime database.

Lt. Pat Hogan with the La Crosse Police Department says the database "is accurate," with La Crosse having 165 reported violent crimes in 2011. An increase from previous years.

"Now a days the violent crimes have gone up because we have an increase in drug use," said Lt. Hogan. "Crimes either for drugs or to purchase them."

Lt. Hogan says next years violent crime report for La Crosse will see another increase. In 2012 there have been 4 homicides in the city, 2011 had none.

But no longer are the crimes just happening in one area of the city.

"Few instances on the south side, downtown area, and incidents on the north side as well," said Lt. Hogan.

La Crosse Police are hoping that 2013 will see a decrease in violent crimes again. One of the current trends is to get more video camera's around the city. Surveillance has played a key role in all 4 of the 2012 La Crosse homicides.

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