DNR investigating wolf killed in Dunn County

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Wisconsin is home to nearly 800 wolves. But during the last week of November, the DNR says seven wolves were killed, including one in Dunn County.

"Wolves are a federally protected species," said DNR Wildlife Biologist Jess Carstens. "Any harvest of wolves is unlawful. It's a federal offense."

Carstens does not know the exact reason someone would want to kill a wolf while hunting. He believes one reason though might be safety.

"Even if a wolf is some distance away, you may feel like your safety is in jeopardy and might respond in a manner that might lead to potentially shooting a wolf," Carstens added.

But he says fear of what could happen is very different than what would likely happen. It's a case of misunderstanding. He says wolves do not see people as food and if they do hang around, it is probably because they're curious.

And while the federal government has heard complaints from agriculture and sporting clubs in the state about wolves killing livestock and big game. The DNR says the animal that sometimes gets killed is not a threat to humans.

"Wolf attacks are extremely, extremely rare," said Carstens. "Although not completely unheard of, they are very very rare and unlikely."

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