Woman creates "300 Gallon Challenge" to raise awareness about unclean drinking water

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DOWNSVILLE, Wis. (WEAU) -- "We're 1,200 feet away from my house, this was the closest water source," said Melissa Kadinger.

At first glance you may think Melissa Kadinger is deep in the forest - roughing it, and on a mission, looking for clean water to drink.

"Actually spent a couple weeks looking for water in relation to my house," she said.

But that is not the case. Actually, far from it. She lives in Downsville where you can find clean water just about anywhere.

"This is the spot where I collect water," she said.

So, by now you are probably wondering why she is walking half a mile away from her home each day to collect water from a creek.

That idea is an awareness project and fundraiser to help people in Haiti who do not have the same access we do to clean drinking water.

She visited the country in April on a mission project with Living Water International - but wanted to keep helping from home.

"It's a cause I believe so passionately about, the emotion that describes it is most exciting," she added.

She talked with her pastor and husband and came up with an idea -- walk to a creek each day for 60 days, carrying five gallons of water on her back.

The idea multiplied and the 300 Gallon Challenge was born.

"We decided to use the resources we have to fundraise for clean water in Haiti," Kadinger added.

Since the water is unfit for drinking, she uses it to water a tree near her house.

She has done this since mid-June, rain or shine, and takes a picture to prove it. On her website, she has posted videos, pictures and a lot more information about her cause.

All of it based on one idea, one hope.

"If everyone pitches in just a little bit, then we can accomplish a lot more together than we could by ourselves," she said.

For more information about the project, visit 300GallonChallenge.org
For more information about the project, visit 300GallonChallenge.org

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