Woman rushes to the rescue of another woman who crashed into creek

"I just went in, somebody's got to help her you know," says Samantha Taylor from Bruce who was on her way to Rice Lake Thursday when she witnessed a crash in Barron County.

She saw 53-year-old Julie Schmitz go off highway 8 near Cameron after something flew off a semi-trailer and went through her windshield, causing Schmitz to go off the highway, down an embankment and into a rushing creek.

Taylor says she feared the worst running to help, but was relieved to find the woman in the car was alive. She managed to pull her out of the car before rescuers arrived.

"I opened the door and the water just gushed into her car and she was a little frightened because the car filled up with water. I moved the airbag and the lady looked at me with blood all over her face and I noticed a chunk of wood and it must have hit her in the head and she went flying off the road," says Taylor.

Schmitz was taken to the hospital, at last update she was in serious condition.

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