Woman devoted to saving disabled dogs on the brink of losing it all

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A woman devoted to saving disabled dogs is on the brink of losing it all. Her goal is to teach others how to care for deaf or blind dogs, but the economy is putting that goal out of reach.

That’s why Jan MacCartney is putting a call out for help.

"I have 11. Not all of them are deaf. About half are, and I have one that's deaf and blind," Jan MacCartney of Ridgeland said.

Jan MacCartney and her dogs are best buds living out the Dunn County countryside. She calls it a dog sanctuary, Gilligan's Place to be exact.

"They're trained to use either American Sign Language signals or dog training signals where you can use hand signals," MacCartney said.

While her plans to expand and share her knowledge and training of disabled dogs with the community are still strong, the income to make that work is gone.

“For the first year we were doing okay and then I had a fellow that was supposed to build a barn and he took the money and never put the barn up. It's just kind of been one problem after another," MacCartney explained.

With her home in foreclosure and set to go to the sheriff's sale on December 22nd, she says she needs help, whether it's donations or great ideas to make Gilligan’s Place succeed.

"The most helpful thing I was hoping to get done was to go ahead and maybe tap into some of the businesses. If I could get a pledge for example of $10 a month, from about 200 businesses," she said.

MacCartney says she'll keep trying to find a way to stay where she’s at and show disabled dogs can be a man's best friend too.

"This is a situation I know a lot of people are in in this country and it's very severe and if we can somehow kind of band together to try to get each other out of it, especially in the communities," she said.

If you're interested in helping Jan in any way she says you can call her at 715-203-0076 or email her at janmac3@gmail.com. She’s asking for any creative ideas, suggestions, or donations.

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