Workout Wednesday: Reaching fitness goals with playground equipment

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EAU CLAIRE, WI --- (WEAU) - Sunrise is taking fitness to a new dimension and it turns out the playground is not just for kids anymore. It turns out you don’t always need a gym to workout. A local trainer takes us inside his Afterburn Class at Carson Park.

Swings, monkey bars and exercise oh my! At Carson Park, many men and women are getting their fitness on with Chain Reaction Fitness, thanks to Benji Williford. Here are a few ways you can get in shape using a child’s swing.

"Lauren and Rich are going to use the swing to assist. They’re going to bend at their hips first, tracking out over their second toe. As they squat down they're going to touch by their ankle and press through the heel, drive their hips back up,” explains Benji Williford, trainer.

You won't find synchronized workouts here, just creative ways to burn those calories.

"Place the feet in laces down, hollow out, make sure you're not piking up your butt, lengthen up, keep your arms straight, hollow out and of course and next progression we'll add our pushups so as legs are straight, press straight and up."

Another workout you can try is swinging your body through the swing, walking underneath and repeat.

Benji says, "Grab high, tuck your knees and then drop it down, up underneath [the swing]."

I tried my hand literally and it really gets the heart going. But who says you just need a swing.
You could try making a flag with your body.

“It's kind of like a side plank variation if you will,” says Benji

It's a lot harder than it looks. However I did get my legs up a bit, and there were cheers. But, most those claps were most likely claps of sympathy on my behalf (just kidding). Now let's head over to the monkey bars.

"We have an Australian pull-up here, she's down up underneath the bar and pulling. She's not ready for body weight just yet. I have another one working on her negatives. She's starting to the top and lowering herself down with controlled weight,” says Benji.

You can even use the landscape to your advantage or do a plank.

“They're going to box jump onto the landscaping, climb or jump over the rail, hop down into a plank.”

So stop the excuses and head out to your nearby playground to it for yourself.

"Good work everyone!" says Benji.

The Afterburn Bootcamp class is on Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30am.

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