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Acupuncture: A pain management alternative to opioids

UN health agency aims to wipe out transfats worldwide

FDA announces EpiPen shortage, worrying parents and patients

Being alert for symptoms of "dry drowning"

Wisconsin lawmakers update nutrition curriculum guidelines

Wisconsin companies see benefits of wellness programs

SLEEP AWARENESS: Number of diagnosed sleep disorders on the rise

CDC suggests taking precautions during spring break

1 in 9 Wisconsin women smoke while pregnant

Milk co-op mailing highlights suicide risk for dairy farmers

Wisconsin sees issues in dental care access

Eating disorder orthorexia not commonly recognized

Madison-made technology to treat diabetic foot ulcers

New blood pressure guidelines aim to prevent heart issues

Measles cases in Europe tripled last year, officials say

Signs of a heart attack may depend on gender

Vaccine during pregnancy can prevent whooping cough

Health experts say to monitor kids as flu season expected to get worse

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