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Human leg sporting a fishing boot washes up on beach

After 9 months in space, mouse sperm yield healthy mice

Judge demands to be called 'Your Honor' at bakery

Pizza delivery man takes pie to stalled Amtrak train

Calf recently born with two extra limbs

Norway reverse 40-year-old ban on reptiles

Jackpot! Ice finally moves in Alaska river

67 pounds of marijuana found in casket at Arizona checkpoint

Mystery: Someone is shaving other people's cats

Boy turns in $2,000 he found, gets Outstanding Citizen Award

500 people get duplicate tax refund checks, can keep only 1

Testing begins after brown spots appear in 2 Florida cities

Alligator crawls out of Louisiana storm drain

Firefighters rescue cat caught in tree and its owner

Boy, 8, craves burger, drives dad's van a mile to McDonald's

Town abuzz after theft of some 1 million bees

Police union's raffle prize: Use of stun gun on an officer

Airline changes its tune after banning, then allowing cello

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