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Professor to student mom: Just bring your baby to class

Goodwill returns $97K to couple in mistaken donation

Worker bit in tussle with would-be thief over stripper pole

Woman who hid gun in her vagina gets probation in drug case

Sheriff: Burglar accidentally killed by his partner

Pet squirrel that foiled home burglary returns to wild

Stolen flatbed, slow chase: Driver couldn't shift gears

Minor league team pitches pregnancy tests for Father's Day

Models sport pithy slogans painted on bare bods

Fake Cheesecake Factory sign sparks buzz in New Mexico city

Supreme strength: Justice Ginsburg's workout becoming a book

Ivy League admission, as easy as pizza pie

German biker loses bag of cash, raining bills over Autobahn

Human leg sporting a fishing boot washes up on beach

After 9 months in space, mouse sperm yield healthy mice

Judge demands to be called 'Your Honor' at bakery

Pizza delivery man takes pie to stalled Amtrak train

Calf recently born with two extra limbs

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