Admit It, Favre May Have Been Right!

A few years ago, many people doubted Brett Favre's judgment when he suggested that his young Green Bay Packers were the most talented group he has ever played with. As it turns out, his proclamation may have been prophecy.

With the youngest roster in the league, the Green Bay Packers are 8-1 to start the season. With a win over the Carolina Panthers at Lambeau Field this Sunday, the Pack would be off to their best start since Vince Lombardi's team of 1962 that started the season a perfect 10-0 en route to their 8th world championship.

Speaking to the media Wednesday in Green Bay, Brett Favre joked that everyone thought he was crazy a few years ago, but the talent that he saw back then is finally coming together and equalling success.

"Our last two seasons have not been very good. Last year we ended out on a higher note. But a lot of those games we lost were similar to our season this year. With a play here or there and we lost it. Maybe we've gotten over that hump. I hope we have."

Favre also says that he is cautiously optimistic about the success that the young players on the team are enjoying, and if they continue to keep as loose as they seem, the Packers will be very good for a very long time.