McCarthy: Hits on Favre Unnecessary

Packers coach Mike McCarthy says a hit that Raiders defensive end Derrick Burgess made on Brett Favre was low and unnecessary.

Favre made his 250th consecutive start in yesterday's 38-7 win over Oakland.

He got hit twice by Burgess, once on a play before the 2-minute warning at the end of the first half that left Favre limping.

Favre fell from the contact, which caused his legs to stiffen from the shot to the shin.

McCarthy wasn't as upset on that play as the one later in the second half, when Burgess caught Favre around the lower part of the knee.

The coach says the second one was clearly evident and unnecessary.

Neither hit drew a penalty.

Raiders coach Lane Kiffin says Burgess slipped and didn't go low on purpose.

Favre kept playing after the hits.