Favre Still mulls Decision

Brett Favre says he's still undecided about whether he'll return to the Green Bay Packers next season.

At a brief news conference this morning from Mississippi, Favre said he'll make a decision soon but he hasn't made his mind up yet.

Favre says the decision wouldn't be based on money or trying to extend records but about fielding a team that believes it could compete at a high level.

He says he loves Green Bay fans and how passionate they are but he advises them to deal with their impatience by focusing on other things such as baseball.

The three-time M-V-P denies that he made a decision and he's just withholding it from the team. Favre says that would be unfair to the Packers.

He says the waiting game is frustrating for his family as well. He says he'll notify the team as soon as he has a decision, which -- maybe -- could come within the next week.