Bucks Lose Bogut/Villanueva For Rest of Season

Milwaukee Bucks General Manager Larry Harris today announced the following information regarding injuries to center Andrew Bogut and forward Charlie Villanueva.

Bogut was diagnosed with a left midfoot sprain that will result in his missing the remainder of the regular season. The initial injury occurred in the game against the Los Angeles Lakers on Wednesday, March 7, however Bogut did not miss any game action. Yesterday, Bogut re-injured his foot in practice. Re-examination and further testing by Bucks orthopedic physician Dr. John Heinrich, M.D., determined the extent of injury.

Bogut’s left foot will be immobilized for 2-4 weeks. After this period of rest and subsequent rehabilitation, he is expected to resume basketball activity in 6-8 weeks.

Villanueva has developed recurrent right shoulder pain that will require arthroscopic surgery. He is expected to also miss the remainder of the regular season. More information on Villanueva’s upcoming surgery will be provided when it is available.