Harlan Staying Put

The Green Bay Packers board of directors unanimously approved a resolution Wednesday allowing Bob Harlan to remain in office while the franchise's leaders decide how to resolve a suddenly murky succession plan.

After 18 seasons as the Packers' top executive, Harlan had planned to retire Wednesday and turn over power to his hand-picked successor, John Jones. But in a surprise move Saturday, team officials announced that Jones was taking a paid leave of absence, leaving his future with the team in doubt.

Harlan spent 45 minutes Wednesday afternoon detailing his concerns about Jones to the Packers' board members, although he remained unwilling to explain those concerns in public after the meeting. Harlan said only that several Packers employees brought up concerns about Jones in recent months, and Harlan himself had unspecified issues with Jones.

Harlan said the team has not discussed a severance package with Jones, and said it was still possible that Jones would remain with the team. But until that issue is resolved, Harlan will remain in office. Harlan turned 70 in September, a mandatory retirement age under the team's by-laws. Harlan says the rule change allowing him to stay in place is only temporary.