Predators Prevail Over Crush

The Predators scored early in the 1st quarter when quarterback Keldric Stokes completed a 49-yard pass to Julio Vargas, setting up the Steve Heuer Jr. 3-yard touchdown rush.

The crush came back to respond in the 2nd quarter with a Jesse Herrick 3-yard touchdown dive to the endzone, tying the game at 7.

The Predators then posted a field goal to retake the lead and then nearing the half, Stokes lofted a 19-yard bomb to Corrice Burns for Chippewa Valley's second touchdown of the game, taking a 17-7 lead at halftime.

In the final seconds of the game, the Crush trailed 24-17 with the ball in the red zone. On a Randy Langworthy pass to the endzone, the pass was broken up by Chippewa Valley, sealing the win for the Predators.