Express Players Experience All-Star Stage

It may not compare to MLB's Midsummer Classic, but for these aspiring major leaguers...the experience is still just as sweet.

Express outfielder Kole Calhoun was impressed by the crowd present for the all-star event
"The atmosphere is just electric and here at the all star game its represented well. It just goes to show you how big the Northwoods League is to some people."
Left-handed hurler, Wes Simmons, enjoyed meeting guys who are typically his opponents.
"It's fun just meeting all these guys from different schools, you don't really get to talk to them much, so just being around them and talking to them is a lot of fun."
Meanwhile, lefty Tim Huber was anticipating the talented field of hitters he would face.
"Half of these guys will play major league baseball so it adds a lot more fun and excitement to this game because you know you have to work that much harder to get them out."

In addition to the camaraderie and scouting exposure that playing in an all star game brings, it also serves as a welcome relief to the hectic schedule these athletes keep.
Kole Calhoun say its a chance to refocus and prepare for the rest of the season still yet to be played.

"Playing everyday wears on your body and we have some injuries right now, and hopefully they can come back and be healthy for the remainder of the season."