More Tests For Brewers' Sheets

The Brewers placed right-hander Ben Sheets on the disabled list after an MRI scan on Monday, then scheduled another test for Tuesday to get a clearer idea of how much time he will miss.
The MRI scan confirmed trainers' original diagnosis: Sheets has a sprained right middle finger. More specifically, there appears to be a "fraying" of the tissue that holds a tendon in place on the palm-side of the digit, and a dynamic ultrasound on Tuesday should determine the extent of that tearing.

"If it's partially torn, this is a simple couple of weeks, he'll be back," said assistant general manager Gord Ash, the team's point man on injuries. "If it's more fully torn, there will be more of a prolonged rest period, up to possibly six weeks."

The tendon appears intact, Ash said, and whatever the results of Tuesday's test, it appears Sheets will not need surgery. Doctors will observe Sheets' finger movements on an ultrasound machine to get a better look at the damage.