ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: Ledbeter leads the way

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With a career record of 22-2 as a starter, 18 rushing touchdowns this season, and 8 passing touchdowns, Somerset quarterback Tyler Ledbeter is the undisputed leader of the Spartans. However, the humble senior thinks otherwise.

"I wouldn't really say I'm the leader on offense," says Ledbeter. "I think we're a whole, more. I've just been getting the yards but the offensive line and the running backs and wide receivers have been blocking for me."

His teammates and coaches trust him so much, Ledbeter does the play calling.

"He's a great leader by example. He's always in early. He's always one of the last kids to leave," says Somerset head coach, Bruce Larson. "He takes care of business. You don't have to ask him to do things a second time, he takes care of it right now."

Ledbeter is first team all conference as a quarterback and defensive back but he has one thing left to do, lead his team to a state championship.

"It's not done until we win," says Ledbeter. "I mean, I'm not saying that we are going to win but the only way our work, would fulfill our work over the summer and stuff is if we win."

"I think he's gonna do what's right," says Somerset OT/DT Shane Miller. "He's gonna call the plays for us that he knows are going to help us during the game."

Ledbeter hopes to play in collegiately.

"He's a very talented athlete. He's a hard worker," adds Larson. "When he puts his mind to something it usually happens and I would think that would happen."

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