ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: Regis football starting strong

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In three games the Ramblers have outscored their opponents 120 to 14. As students of the game, they use film as an opportunity to go beyond the stats.

"You can really see what you've done right and what you've done wrong," says senior Mike Maenner, "and you can emulate what other people have done before you."

"You might at times think you are doing somethings right but when film comes along you can see that there is a lot that can be improved," adds senior Khadel Akindolire.

The game tapes are also showing something else.

"The way everybody buys into the program," says senior Vince Killian. "Every kid is so dedicated to football and it's really amazing, actually."

"We're really playing unselfish football," says head coach Bryant Brenner, "and when you watch film and you see 10 guys blocking, it shows signs of unselfishness and that's what I like most about this team."

The Ramblers have shut out 2 opponents this year, something that happened to them in the state semifinals last year. It may have provided a little motivation for a hard working off season.

"I think we have a lot of experience coming back. We've been lifting hard," says Kiliian. "We call the weight room 'The Factory'. We're very dedicated to getting in there all summer long and winter after football season and we have a great team and great team chemistry."

After defeating the Division 5 state Champs, Colby, last week, Regis is still staying focused.

"Of course we want to perform our best," Akindolire says. "We're not thinking so far ahead as to state because we have teams in our conference that we're preparing for so just the goal of working hard."

"Our team goal is to get better every game," adds Killian. "So we're not focusing on 2 games, 3 games. We're focusing on the next opponent, which is now Spencer Columbus."

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