ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: The Mondovi Buffaloes make it to state baseball

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MONDOVI, Wis. -- Pandemonium, joy, happiness. There are a number of you can use to describe the excitement level of the Mondovi baseball team as they have qualified for the state tournament in Appleton.

Mondovi senior Quinn Buchholz says, "Everyone's excited. Everyone that comes up to me and wishes me good luck and says congratulations. They're all just jack up." Fellow senior Mitch Schauer adds, "We've come close in basketball, going to the sectional finals, and this time we actually pulled of the trip to state and hoping to bring home the trophy and get the community really pumped about it."

What's even more remarkable, is that this is Mondovi's first trip to the baseball state tournament in school history.

Head coach Tyler Moy says, "There just isn't enough words to describe how happy I am for them to have this opportunity to play in front of a lot of people in Appleton at the state tournament." Buchholz adds, "We haven't been to state in anything really, so to make it one time it's huge for everyone."

Chance Dickman, "The Buffaloes have sort of embraced their role as the "underdog." 4th seed in regionals, and they won. Same seed at sectionals, with another win and a trip to Appleton."

Says Schauer, "We kind of use it as fuel you know. We take it and look at it as hey, nothing to lose right here so might as well give it our best shot, and it's been going great." Coach Moy adds, "It really didn't matter what seed we were, where we were at, where we had to go to play. We just knew that we had to take it one game at a time, and if we were fortunate enough to win that one, we could play again."

Reporting in Mondovi, Chance Dickman, for SportScene 13.

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