ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: Undefeated Cameron girls led by sophomores

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Teams in the Lakeland Conference are well aware of Cameron's number #33. How can they not? Chloe Wanick is averaging 20 points per game

"Great, great athlete. She wows me every night, on the court, on the practice floor," says Cameron coach, Tom Moon. "Somewhere she does something that I haven't seen her do before."

Chloe knows how to handle the pressure on the basketball court, after all she has faced it on a much larger scale. She won the national championship in the NFL Punt, Pass, and Kick competition in Atlanta when the Packers beat the Falcons in the NFC championship.

"Just making free throws in pressure situations or just being able to help lead the team," says Chloe.

The success of the undefeated Comets extends beyond Chloe. Hannah Bailey leads the team in rebounds, McKenzie Otto leads in assists, and the entire crew works together.

"I think we all make each other better and everything," adds Chloe. "And different people are better at different things so it just helps everything out."

"Everyone on our team has a role," says the lone senior on the team, Jodi Sila. "And everyone knows their role. We have people that score, people that assist, people that rebound."

"You know they're shy but they got a lot of energy in them," says Moon. "They know what they're doing out there. The sophomore girls have played so much basketball together, they know each others moves out there and with that they don't have have to talk a lot. They let their playing do the talking."

Most importantly, they love entertaining their town.

"We have a lot people that show up in the gym and cheer us on so it's a fun atmosphere to be in especially in a small town," adds sophomore Hannah Bailey.

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