Area high schools hand out football equipment on eve of 2013 season

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Ready or not, the 2013 high school football season is set to begin bright and early Tuesday morning. On Monday, area teams were handing out equipment, over at Eau Claire Regis, freshman got to put on helmets and pads for the first time. Coach Bryant Brenner's Ramblers played in the Division 6 state championship game last November and Regis has high hopes again this year.
Meanwhile, over at Memorial high school, the Old Abes will take the practice field for two-a-days Tuesday morning. The Memorial kids getting their purple helmets and shoulder pads, the Abes with some sweet practice gear as well, shorts and t-shirts to workout with.
And finally over at North high school, a new regime is set to go under Coach Josh Fizel, the Huskies lining up to get their equipment.
Eau Claire Regis athletic director Terry Allen says high school athletes have requirements to meet before they can take the field on Tuesday, "You have a WIAA requirement for two things, number one is a physical, every other year, typically 9th and 11th grade, players are required to have a physical with a physician. We also have a requirement to have a code of conduct written by our school from the WIAA, we have that. So therefore, we have a compliance sheet, going through things like training rules, but it also things like you must provide your own health insurance, you have the banned substances, the performance-enhancing substances, there's a list given out by the WIAA, we give that to each of the players."

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