Athlete of the Week: Grant Peikert

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He's the little engine that could, always saying "I think I can. I think I can." Grant Peikert knew that he could overcome two serious hip injuries and once again play the game he loves.

"The setbacks have definitely been tough, had to learn a lot of patience, just work on what my dream was in playing college baseball, and just working hard to get to that point."

Cav's Head Coach Mark McHorney is glad to have Grant in uniform this summer, even though its only for a handful of games.

"He's just been a nice addition for us. We had a couple injuries early, and his timing to get back up here and play with us has been fantastic and really appreciate him playing every other game for us and doing the best he can with his situation."

"The last couple of years have been tough having the surgery twice," says Peikert, "so just getting on the phone with Coach Mac and being able to come back and play at Carson Park with all the guys I grew up playing baseball with is awesome."

In his limited time with the Cav's, his play has been awesome. Peikert has a .367 batting average, alongside a slugging percentage of .500, and on base percentage of .447.

"At the plate I've had to change my approach a little bit, just try to be a little more of a middle of the lineup possibly depending on how my speed comes back, but ideally, I'd like to come back the same player I was."

"I'd love to have him play every game," says McHorney, "but given the injury situation, he's going every other game, and we have to do what's best for him and his career, but he's just a great kid. You know he plays hard. He knows the game. I think he's a winner."

When the summer ends, Grant will return to Northwestern where he plans to live out his dream of playing college baseball