Athlete of the Week: Rice Lake's Henry Ellenson

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When Henry Ellenson touches the ball for the Rice Lake Warriors, all eyes in the gymnasium are on him because they know something special can happen..

Ellenson's talent on the court is the result of all the hard work he does in practice and in the off season.

"It's what I do. When I'm bored I come to the gym, in here every day."

His coach Kevin Orr loves Ellenson's work ethic.

"I mean obviously he's talented but what I think separates him from a lot of kids is not only is he talented, but he has that work ethic and drive that goes with the talent."

Having the nations top college coaches watching your every move might be intimidating for some, but Henry watched his his two talented older brothers, first Wally , now playing at Minnesota...and Ellwood who is at Bemidji State go through the same process.

"Yeah, it was nice to go through the experience with Wally and Ellwood, just having the coaches come through, it kind of gets the pressure of me a little bit."

"You know if that would be me, I'd probably be jumping off these bleachers right now, my head would be so big. And it's just phenomenal how humble he is about everything."

With his height and athletic ability, Ellenson stands out when he is on the court and even his coach knows that he may be witnessing a phenom the likes that Rice Lake may never see again.

"It's neat and at times I need to, hey, sit back and enjoy this time because you know what this is probably a once in a lifetime thing."

Individual accolades aside, Henry is all about helping his team capture their first state title since 1993.

"Gym's too empty right now with banners so we gotta put another one up. I want to win state, that is our biggest goal this season and that's what we're here to do."

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