Bo & Kelly Ryan help raise more than 41-thousand dollars for American Cancer Society

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MADISON, Wis. – Bo Ryan and his wife, Kelly, weren’t sure what to expect when they hatched the idea to challenge UW-Madison students to help them raise money for Coaches vs. Cancer and the American Cancer Society.

What they witnessed Thursday night at the Kohl Center left them nearly speechless.

Over 1,600 UW-Madison students braved undesirable weather conditions Thursday to participate in the Charity Stripe Challenge and raised a grand total of $41,279.

“I’m surprised and overwhelmed by the out-pouring from our students,” Bo Ryan said. “It was just unbelievable, and all I can say is thank you.

“My wife and I did this event because we firmly believe that with enough funding, a cure for cancer will be found. We took this as another opportunity to have our team interact with the students and involve our campus in this event. What a fun time and for a great cause. I figure one of these half-court shots might be the difference in curing cancer.”

Nearly all UW athletic teams were represented as well as numerous campus organizations, including the Homecoming Committee and Colleges Against Cancer. In total, 36 UW students made half-court shots, which were worth a $1,000 donation each and countless students made the $10 free throw.

“It was such a pleasure to shake the hands of about 1,500 hands and see the smiles on everyone’s faces. My cheeks hurt a little from smiling and I’m sure I’ll have a little carpel tunnel in my hand, but it’s ok. It’s all worth it.”

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