Brad Keselowski talks about winning Sprint Cup championship in Racing Weekly

In our final edition of Racing Weekly, we take a look at the final race of the NASCAR season, where a young champion in Brad Keselowski was crowned. This past Sunday at Homestead, Keselowski claimed his first Spring Cup champiohship with a 15th place finish. His title victory made a bit easier by the bad luck experienced in a 36th place finish. But Keselowski would have liked to see the 5-time champ on the track when he won the title.
Keselowski says, "I don't really enjoy watching hardships happen to my competitors.~ I don't enjoy it.~ In fact, I hate that.~ I want to beat them on the racetrack.~ I want to beat them by being the best that we can be and out-executing them and winning on the racetrack.~ I don't enjoy at all watching things happen to my competitors that take them out like that.~ I can tell you that I wasn't cheering; how about that?
Keselowski and his team are determined to make this championship more than a one-year wonder. Brad says, "I know that you can expect from this team to come back next year and try to be better than ever and try to improve and find that next level of success.~ I know that's what you can expect from this team, and I'm going to be right there with them. "
The NASCAR season returns to the track in February at the Great American race, the Daytona 500.

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