College Athlete Check-In: Heather Bowe

Friday evening we catch up with former Regis girls basketball standout and current Vanderbilt Commodore Heather Bowe.

This is what most of us remember about the former Gordy's Athlete of the Week, dominating her opponents on the way to leading Regis to a state title in 2011. Bowe was also the state player of the year in 2012 averaging 21 points and 8 rebounds a game for the Ramblers.
She is now a sophomore at Vanderbilt, averaging 8 points a game and is starting and enjoying every moment with the Commodores.

"Playing at Vanderbilt has been so great, a lot of opportunities, travelled all across the United States , went to California , went to Puerto Rico. Playing against some of the best girls in the country on a daily basis is just a great experience. The best part is just being a part of something bigger than you. I love my teammates and coaches and I am so blessed to be a part of Vanderbilt and just being a part of the college athlete world is really fun, you meet a lot of different people"

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