Concussion prevention hits middle schools

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CHIPPEWA FALLS, Wis (WEAU)- Concussion prevention programs are top of many athletes and their parent’s minds as the school sports starts back up again.

One middle school is preparing for possible concussions different than most of the rest

Chippewa Falls middle school has a long history of being at the frontline for concussion prevention. This is the 8th year they are testing their athletes with the impact test. The impact test is a neurological test that will be used as a baseline in case any students suffer a concussion this year.

Matthew Moore took his impact test today. He is one of the few of his classmates that already have suffered a concussion.

“He fell 10-12 ft. Landed on his back and didn’t pass out. He didn’t tell me that night and the next day he was throwing up and dizzy and wobbly,” said Matthews’s mother, Tina.

Tina is glad to have a baseline test in case Matthew sufferers another concussion this year.

“He’s a boy; he’s rough and has hit his head before. It was just a fluke accident. This is an added bonus to a great school district,” said Tina Moore.

Students are tested on five skills. More than 200 middle school athletes have already taken the test. It’s required for all athletes at Chippewa Falls middle school except for runners.

“They are tested for verbal, visual, speed, accuracy, and reaction time,” said school counselor Julie Peterson.

The impact test is just the 1st line of defense against a concussion. The school has been investing in getting the best quality equipment as possible to be a 2nd line of defense.

Athletic Director Jim Britton said that he’s been seeing an increase in concussions over the years, making it even more important to be proactive.

“Kids are bigger, faster, and stronger. There is more violent of a collision and so the concussions can be worse,” said Britton.

A concussion is bruising or bleeding of the brain after trauma to the head. Dizziness, slurred speech, and losing memory are just some of the signs of a concussion.

The three middle schools in the Eau Claire school district said they also do the impact testing.

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