Drewiske returns to Hudson with the Stanley Cup

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The Stanley Cup made a stop at L.A. Kings defenseman Davis Drewiske's former home today, the Hudson Sport and Civic Center.

"We won three Big Rivers Conference championships you know mainly at this arena, with my high school teammates and I'm still close with a lot of those guys, so those are special memories. (I) won a state championship with those guys, not in this arena but this brings back a lot of memories growing up here," Drewiske said. "And when I was a little kid watching the high school team play and hoping I could do that someday and stuff like that. And I think this is a cool place and a great community and I'm glad we could share the cup and all be a part of this day."

Remembering what it was like to look up to the older guys on the ice, Drewiske has this advice for those who are now looking up to him.

"Taking things a day at a time and really practicing and working hard but being focused and intense while you're doing it," he commented. "And you try to put good days together and things start to snowball and you gotta stick with it. Be positive with yourself and kind of with others. And have that strong mental fortitude and you never know what could happen.

"I was lucky enough to have good coaching along the way right up to my youth level, high school level, college, and now pros but I think you just have to work hard and have some fun along the way," Drewiske added.

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