Globetrotters entertain at North High School

For over 85 years the Harlem Globetrotters have provided entertainment on the hardwood throughout the world and Thursday night they brought their act to Eau Claire North High School.

The Globetrotters have performed in 120 countries blending comedy with high flying and sharp shooting play. They are one of the biggest ambassadors for the game of basketball and enjoy setting a great example for future generations who play the game. 14-year veteran "Flight Time" Lang had some good advice for young athletes

"My advice for any kid that wants to do any sport, or any professional sport is to take care of your education first. Myself, I graduated with honors in high school, I graduated from college. So we don't go looking for players that haven't experienced at least college so definitely take care of your education, work hard at whatever you are trying to do and anything can happen."

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