Got DISH? No Badgers for you

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Badger fans with DISH satellite service will need to find a new place to watch Saturday's game after a deal between DISH and the BTN fell through Saturday morning.

Here is the email we received from Big Ten Network:

Attention Dish Network Customers:

Despite Big Ten Network's efforts to finalize an agreement, we are disappointed to tell you that DISH Network has decided to drop the Big Ten Network. As you know, BTN has been working around the clock for weeks to try and reach a deal with DISH. They are now unwilling to sign a contract.

DISH customers will miss the rest of the football season on BTN and over 400 Big Ten sporting events. Not only are you missing eight Big Ten games today, but several dozen more this season and over a hundred men's basketball games. It is unfortunate that DISH does not value BTN in the same way that so many of their customers do, including Big Ten students, parents, alumni and fans across the country. Furthermore, DISH customers will continue to pay DISH for a channel they no longer receive.

If DISH won't give you the games you want, others will. To find another BTN provider, go to or call 1-855-WANT-B10 (1-855-926-8210) for more information. Stay up to date on the latest developments on BTN's Facebook page and on Twitter (@IWantBTN).