NCAA Softball teams give back to the community

The University of Texas-Tyler is located over a thousand miles from Eau Claire, but they , and the seven other teams battling for a D-3 softball championship, gave back to the community that is hosting them. The Patriots took time to play some kickball with the adapted physical education class at DeLong middle school.

Mike Reed's team enjoyed their trip "We love interacting with kids, and anything we can interact with them we are all in. You can see our girls, they had as much fun or more than even the kids did."

Patriots catcher Brittney Bratten echoed her coaches remarks "This community took us in and opened up your town for us and to let us come here and play ball here, so it's really nice to come here and give back."

It's events like this that will create memories that will last forever, long after the play on the field of the division three softball championship is over for Patriots coach Mike Reed and his players.

"Part of the reward for winning and getting to come here is to have these experiences and have a day like this where you can enjoy the community and enjoy new people and just enjoy being here because the competition part will fire up tomorrow and we all know that part.

For Brittney Batten, this weekend will wrap up her softball career "This is my senior year year, so i am going to remember everything we do here and hopefully it lasts a lifetime."

Of course, the players aren't the only ones who were creating memories, DeLong special education teacher Sarah Binder's students had a great day.

"They knew it was a big deal when they came around the corner and they saw the whole team of Tyler-Texas, it was awesome!"