Weather dampening Blugolds softball season

The wet cold weather once again cost the UW-Eau Claire softball team a game, as their tilt with stout was cancelled Thursday. The Blugolds have not played in 11 days and have been forced to adapt to the elements.

In less than a month, UW-Eau Claire will host the Division 3 softball world series here at Gelein Field and the frustrating thing for the Blugolds team, they have yet to host a home game, thanks to the weather.

"It's been along time since we have played, says head coach Leslie Huntington, I think we are liked a bunch of caged animals as are most of spring sports athletes right now"

The Blugolds players and coaches know the weather is out of their control and pitcher Nikki Brooks says they are trying to make the best of a bad situation.

"We are practicing, and if games get cancelled , each day we work our hardest and do what we can to be prepared for the next game not matter what, if it is on turf, dirt on in the gym, whatever we have to do"

Leslie Huntington agrees with philosophy. "If we focus on the weather we are not going to be productive at all, it is what it is and we have to try to get better every day"

The Blugolds will try to hit the field Saturday as they play UW-La Crosse in Onalaska

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